Covid-19 Precautions and guidelines

Dear clients,

I'm gradually accepting contracts again.

I want to make sure that you are comfortable and feel safe coming to the studio so I want you to know that I take your health seriously.

Please read this guide thoroughly so that you can be prepared for what to expect during your session as we may ask you to bring certain things we once used to provide or follow certain guidelines.

Sanitary precautions at the studio

If you have traveled outside Canada for the past 14 days, if you have been in contact with someone or a probable case of Covid-19. If you show any signs of covid symptoms (fever, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath) Please do not come to the studio.

Of course I will wash my hands prior to meeting you and as often as possible during our session. Disinfecting gel will be made available to all and I will ask you to use it upon your arrival.

The studio will be thoroughly disinfected. All surfaces including door handles, light switches, chairs, tables, counters, photography equipment will be disinfected between shoots. Bathroom will be thoroughly cleaned after every use and disinfected. All surfaces will be wiped down (taps, handles, soap dispenser, etc).

Accessories used during the session will be disinfected. Some delicate silk dresses or delicate accessories that can not be washed will be steamed.Steam kills 99.99% of all viruses.

We will air out the studio for several hours in between sessions.

Changing table: We have a changing table at the studio which will be disinfected.

Disposable changing table covers will be made available. You can also bring your own cover or blanket if it has been freshly washed.

But please bring your own wipes, ointment. Bring something to smooth out your baby's dry skin as well

Mask: I’ll be wearing a mask for all of my shoots. I know it will possibly be a bit jarring to be photographed by a masked person, but we’ll get used to it! And bonus is that you get to imagine the bottom half of my face to be whatever you want. 

It is very challenging taking photos with a mask. Taking pictures of baby is often compared with a hot yoga workout. Taking photos while wearing a mask often fogs up my viewfinder as well so often find myself holding my breath while working, in turn making me light headed. It is a difficult and daunting task. I ask for your patience and understanding during the shoot as I may require to pause often to catch my breath.

Legal Claim/Liability: By choosing to book a photo session at Lili Sweet Photography studio you or your family members present at the photo session, assume all responsibilities and risks related to the possibility of getting sick or contracting a virus including Covid-19. You assume this responsibility .fully


Shoots will be shorter and more structured. A plan will be laid out of what to do and we will stick to that as adding ideas at the last minutes can add too much time and I'd rather limit our time indoors.

Newborn shoots: Newborn shoots can last up to 4h so I would like to cut these session time by half. Poses have to be decided ahead of time (you may send us photos to see if this is doable). Props will be cleaned and set up ahead of time. This is to save time and avoid contaminating too many props/accessories. Naked shots will be avoided as bodily fluid are too often released and these poses are lengthier. We will use mostly wrapped poses as these make baby feel safe and baby is more likely to cooperate. Please follow our newborn session prep guide thoroughly to allow for a successful session.


Spacing out shoots: I won’t be accepting more than 2/3 clients a week and will make sure there’s at least a day between clients.

The studio is usually heated for newborn sessions making it quite hot in the studio but the waiting room (which is equipped with a heater you can adjust) tends to have colder floors so we ask that you bring a freshly cleaned pair of warm socks you can put on upon arriving in the studio.


Upon your arrival at the studio you will be asked to sign a liability waiver. I will not agree to pursue with any session without your signature.


Thank you kindly for your cooperation and your understanding.

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