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Want to capture your baby, yourself or your family
in a unique and artistic way & create long lasting
memories you can share proudly with all your loved ones? If so you’re at the right place!


Newborn / baby Photography Sessions

The process of photographing baby is done with immense respect and care. Newborn photo sessions are in my natural light studio. You & baby will be made at ease and pampered. A full newborn session takes about 3-4h hours, Our standard mini is 1.5 hours to 2h . We spend most of our time soothing baby and making sure he/she is perfectly at ease. We tune in with the flow of baby and take time for feeding breaks and changing diapers.​ We keep our studio warm & clean. After every newborn photo shoot all soiled blankets, wraps and clothes used are washed with sensitive laundry detergent (suited for baby's delicate skin) and made ready for the next session.


When to book a newborn photography session?


The ideal time to photograph newborns is between 5-14 days after birth. We can not insist enough for you to come as early as possible. During this time they are nice and sleepy and easy to curl up making for amazing images. At around the 2 week mark babies go through a growth spurt and become more aware of their surrounding which can cause anxiety when a stranger manipulates them in various positions... as a result they are less settled and the great photos are much more difficult/sometimes impossible to achieve. During the first couple weeks of life they are basically sleeping all the time and mostly unaware of what is going on, so it makes our work much easier and causes them less anxiety. Too late, or too much pressure? Don’t worry every other child we photograph is of older age (you will likely have to compromised for simpler more organic or wrapped poses though.or we suggest to come back at 3 months which is the 2nd best best window during which we can capture great shots.). But we can work around any scenario if you are flexible. To guarantee you a session date, try to connect with us as early as possible before baby (as early as 6-7 months before baby's arrival) We will give you a temporary session date, 7-11 days after your due date. This date may will then be moved if baby comes early or late.

Please contact us for an estimate.


Baby & Family  Photography Sessions

Along or independently from your newborn/baby photo session you also have the opportunity to photograph members of the family with baby.

Standard sessions include the option to photograph:

-Mom, dad & baby together

-Mom and baby together

-Dad and baby together

-& Baby alone

If you have extra siblings we can include each of them for an extra fee.

Please contact us for an estimate

Other in studio sessions available:


Family photo session

baby (3 months to 1 year)

Toddlers/ Children(1 year+)

Corporate or social media portraits / Headshots

Glamour shots

I love working on different creative projects too!

Please contact us for an estimate.

Pregnancy / Maternity Photography sessions

Pregnancy/Maternity photography is also our specialty. We have a growing collection of props, many maternity dresses, lingerie and silk fabrics to capture the essence of your pregnancy. Your partner can participate for no extra cost.

Please contact us for an estimate


 What to wear/how to prepare for your session?


Keep it simple. No patterns or logos. Wear something you feel good in. Natural tones, white, black. Light colors. Bright colors tend to look too commercial but we sometimes make exceptions. Bring a few options with you if possible for changes between pictures or to let us harmonize.Don't worry for each of your session you will receive a full preparation guide to help you prepare for your session.

We have a TONS of props in the studio but you are also welcomed to bring things to personalize your session.

Visit our price list


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